Fundraising tips to get you started

04 Jan 2015

Fundraisers in fancy dress

Personalise your fundraising page

Why not include a picture of yourself and a few words about exactly why you’re being BOLD for Bloodwise?

Set yourself a fundraising target

Fundraisers with targets raise up to 45% more. Once you hit your target, put it up so people give even more!

Tell it like it is

Add some facts so that people have a really clear understanding of the amazing difference their donation will make.

Ask your friends and family

People tend to match previous donations, so ask your loved ones to sign up first and set the bar high.

Spread the word

Don’t be shy! Tell everyone what you’re doing through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and include a link in your email signature

Make the most of payday

Everyone feels generous after payday, so remember to share your page at the end of the month. Check with your employer if they have a matched giving scheme which could double your funds.

Don't forget Gift Aid

If your sponsors are UK taxpayers, ask them to tick the Gift Aid box when making a donation. This allows us to claim at least 25p from the government for every £1 donated. You can find out more about Gift Aid here.

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