Frankie and Benny’s

15 Jul 2019

In 2014, Frankie & Benny’s partnered with Bloodwise to help tackle blood cancer, the most common type of cancer in the UK to affect their favourite customers - children and teenagers. 

The phenomenal efforts of staff meant that they smashed their initial target of raising £150,000 over six months, instead dishing up an incredible £275,000! This was the most that The Restaurant Group had ever raised in a charity partnership.

The partnership got off to a strong start and was launched with a series of free breakfasts at which diners donated money to Bloodwise instead of paying for their meal – raising £10,000. 

Their next initiative focused on the children – with a weekend where kids ate for free in exchange for a donation to Bloodwise. Other brilliant fundraising activities involved a pizza designing competition, with the award-winning pizza (the ‘Nice Isabella Pizza’ – a truly inspired mozzarella cheese, hot-dog sausage and ketchup combo) being sold nationwide. £1 from each pizza was donated to Bloodwise.

The adults, however, didn’t get off so easily… 20 members of Frankie & Benny’s team in Scotland took part in I’m a Manager, Get Me Out Of Here! Shipwrecked on an island just off Scotland, with only the resident wallabies for company, the castaways were stripped of all modern necessities – including mobile phones, showers, toilets and more importantly, a way off the island. The team faced Bush Tucker style trials - including the notorious eating challenge – and were forced to light their own fire, cook their own food and ultimately, get themselves off the island the only way possible – by their own raft… 

A huge thank you to all of Frankie and Benny’s staff and customers, who made the partnership a bigger success that anyone could have imagined

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