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05 Aug 2019

Having worked tirelessly to support Bloodwise for over 40 years, TV Times is our longest standing partner.

Year on year, they provide Bloodwise’s iconic Christmas event at the Royal Albert Hall, Christmas Carols with Bloodwise, with a stellar line up of star-studded celebs. Their expert event management has meant that over 40 years, the glamorous evening has raised a phenomenal amount.

Of course, the support of TV Times hasn’t been limited to Christmas, with Bloodwise’s sports events also benefiting from the publicity they have generated. The TV Times Celebrity Running Team was founded in 1982 and was the first celebrity team to run in support of a charity the UK. It was an innovative way of involving celebrities in charity sports events and the team have gone on to inspire the countless celebrities who now run for charities across the world.

The money that TV Times has raised for Bloodwise has helped to fund incredible research developments. In the time that they have supported us:

  • A new test for childhood leukaemia has resulted in a significant boost in survival rates for children, by enabling doctors to decide whether they need more treatment or not.  This test is now standard of care worldwide. 
  • Research revealed that childhood leukaemia is a two-stage process. This significant discovery is laying the foundation for work on preventing this form of leukaemia from happening in the first place.
  • New immunotherapy was approved to treat chronic leukaemia. 

“The longevity of TV Times’s partnership with Bloodwise speaks for itself. We’ve shared 40 years of fundraising for research and have watched with admiration as we’ve seen the advancement of that research change the treatment of and outcomes for thousands of people.  Bloodwise’s vision, to eradicate blood cancer in our lifetime, is an ambition we’re proud to share.” - Angela O’Farrell, Group Managing Director, TI Media

"The relationship between TV Times and Bloodwise is remarkable not only for its longevity - an incredible 40 years! - but also for being so innovative. Their Celebrity Running Team was one of the first to recognise the benefit of well-known faces taking on personal challenges in support of a charity, and has completely changed how celebrities interact with charities across the sector. It is remarkable to think that when Bloodwise and TV Times came together, a child diagnosed with leukaemia had a 10-20% chance of surviving. Now, 40 years on, a chid diagnosed with leukaemia has an 80-90% chance of surviving. The impact of the support of TV Times has been truly phenomenal." - Gemma Peters, CEO, Bloodwise

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