Why partner with a blood cancer charity?

14 Aug 2015

Scientists showing their research to visitors

The UK leads the world in blood cancer research, thanks in large part to support from our corporate partners. Major advances in cancer medicine tend to come first from blood cancer research, so any money you invest will benefit all cancer patients. Combined, blood cancer is the fifth most common cancer and the third biggest cancer killer - so the need is very urgent.

Raise £10

And you could pay for a machine called a flow cytometer for an hour. It uses a laser to analyse cells in blood, to help our researchers understand the biology behind blood cancer.

Raise £20

We could send 100 patient information booklets to a hospital, so patients get expert information as soon as they’re diagnosed.

Raise £100

And a researcher could analyse 120 blood cell samples – any one of which could hold the key to a new discovery.

Raise £300

This could stop a patient having harsh unnecessary treatment, by scanning and analysing their genes so they can have tailored care.

Raise £500

To support one of our labs around the UK, by funding two weeks’ worth of essential supplies. Without this fundamental equipment, our labs wouldn’t have everything they needed to conduct our research – and we wouldn’t be able to keep working to beat blood cancer.

Raise £1,000

And one of our researchers could improve targeted cancer treatments by analysing important genes and proteins using expensive equipment in a process called electrophoresis.

Raise £3,000

To help us develop a brand new patient information booklet, from consulting with medical professionals on the content to writing and printing the finished product. You’d be providing comprehensive information to patients to support them throughout their cancer journey.

Raise £5,000

And we could buy a PCR machine – this machine makes multiple copies of a specific section of DNA, which is essential in helping our researchers look more closely at the genetics of cancer and understanding how we could beat it.

Raise £10,000

And we could inform and empower patients by creating a comprehensive suite of video interviews with patients who’ve had blood cancer. These real patient stories offer support, advice and insight into cancer experiences.

Raise £20,000

You could run the national childhood leukaemia trial, UKALL 2011, for a month. You’d help improve how we treat children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, the most common childhood cancer, and keep improving survival rates until no child dies from the disease.

Raise £40,000

You could make sure that patients are supported in our ground-breaking clinical trials, by paying for a research nurse in a Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP) centre for a whole year. These nurses answer queries and offer face-to-face guidance and support to patients, making sure that the patients have a hand to hold every step of the way.

Raise £275,000

This could pay for everything we need to run an entire three-year blood cancer research project, like the exciting research that’s developing a ground-breaking, highly effective and non-toxic treatment for myeloma. Research like this sheds light on the biology of blood cancers so we can find new ways to target treatments more precisely and to diagnose blood cancer more effectively.

Raise £1 million

And the money could fund the TAP hub in Birmingham for one year, which coordinates all 13 of our UK TAP centres. Dedicated, expert staff at the hub – including trial coordinators, data analysts and statisticians – take a researcher’s idea from concept to a clinical trial, always ensuring that it meets the strict safety guidelines for trials so that patients now and in the future benefit from ground-breaking new treatments. 

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