Dress up or down

16 Feb 2016

Dressing crazy or casual is a fun and easy way to get lots of people involved in your fundraising for Bloodwise. Have a look below at our ideas to make your dress down day a huge success!

It creates a bit of a buzz around the store and gets customers talking, which leads to more donations. We raised over £300!

Wickes, Newcastle Branch

£300 could pay for a research nurse for two days to ensure our clinical trials run smoothly. Our trials test potentially life-saving new treatments. Nurses ensure patients feel supported and are fully informed.

Ideas for dressing up

It doesn’t have to be Halloween or Christmas – have a fancy dress day on any day of the year. Have a fancy dress, own-clothes or wear-a-onesie day and ask everyone to pay to join in.

Onesie Day

Hold a onesie or pyjama party in your work or school! Encourage friends or colleagues to pay to join in, get sponsored to wear your onesie all day or even sponsor your teacher or boss to wear theirs all day instead! This is a great chance to have some fun and make a real difference too.

Wear a wig / silly haircut day

Oaklodge Primary School made £11,000 with their wear-a-wig day. Enough to fund a clinical trial to find better treatments for childhood leukaemia for two months.

Dress up tips
  • Let people know well in advance so they can plan their costume, send an email or Facebook event invite around and remind people again the day before the event
  • Charge people a penalty for not dressing up!
  • Host a breakfast and charge friends or colleagues entry
  • Get permission from your boss first and get them involved as well. If the boss dresses up this will encourage everyone else to follow suit (as it were). 

Charge £2 to take part and £2 for those who don't want to take part!

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