In a group

02 Jan 2015

Super quick and easy:


A great way to fundraise at World Cup/Grand National/Bake Off time! Get a sweepstake going at work or amongst your mates, and split the pot between the winner and your fundraising total. Or if you’re doing a sports event yourself, ask people to donate to guess your finish time.

Bag packing

Give up an hour or two to service the community and support Bloodwise at the same time by packing bags at your local supermarket. We can provide a letter of authority to help you get the permissions you need: contact your local fundraising team if we can help.


You could ask people to guess the number or weight of sweets in a jar with donations for entries… or maybe hold a ‘name the teddy’ competition for your fundraising team’s mascot!

A bit more effort:

Bake sale

An old favourite that’s stood the test of time, and a super easy way to fundraise. Bake up some delicious treats and gather donations in return.

Coffee morning

Open up your house or see if you can use a venue for free for a few hours, and welcome the local community for a coffee morning, charging for coffee, tea and biscuits sold. Ask everyone in your group to bake a tasty treat!

Raffle or auction

See if you can source some prizes and hold a raffle or auction in aid of Bloodwise. There are just a few rules you’ll need to stick to. We can also provide letters of authority if you’re seeking venues or prizes for free: contact your local fundraising team if we can help.

Pub quiz

Get some teams together for a fun evening to determine who’s the master of trivia, with entrants making a donation to take part. Try asking your local pub if they’ll host the event for free.

Sports tournament

Gather your sporty friends and colleagues and hold a sports tournament, with teams or participants making a donation to enter. Charge fines for own goals/double bogeys/last place in the egg and spoon race for added interest!

For those with the time and the energy:

Sponsored walk

The sponsored walk is a fundraising classic, and with good reason – pretty much anyone can take part, and with a bit of planning it’s easy enough to organise your own.

Charity ball or concert

Throw a fundraising evening in aid of Bloodwise with whatever entertainment suits your tastes! Raise funds through ticket sales and donations on the night.

Fun day

Organise a family fun day – bouncy castle, tug of war, treasure hunt and the like – and invite your local community to join you to raise funds for Bloodwise.


A popular one with students. Split into teams, try and get as far away from your starting point as possible within a certain amount of time and without spending any money, and get sponsored for the challenge!

Create a recipe book or calendar

Get together with friends and family, compile your tastiest original recipes into a book, sell it and donate the profits. Or take some inspiration from our beloved Calendar Girls, get a group together and pose for a calendar of your own – nudity entirely optional.

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