As an individual

03 Jan 2015

Super quick and easy:

Sponsored challenge

An easy-ish one for starters: shave your head, get your legs waxed, stay silent or wear an outrageous costume for the day… and get people to sponsor you to do it!

eBay sale

eBay for Charity allows you to sell items while raising funds for Bloodwise. You decide exactly what percentage of your final selling price you’d like to come to us.

Donation in lieu of Christmas cards

Instead of sending cards at Christmas, you could donate the money you’d have spent to Bloodwise instead, and drop people a message letting them know about your donation to spread the good word.

Give as you shop
The website Give as you Live is a shopping and price comparison website that allows you to raise money for Bloodwise whilst you shop.  Set yourself up with an account and you'll raise money for Bloodwise each time you make online purchases via their website! 

A bit more effort:

Bake sale

An old favourite that’s stood the test of time, and a super easy way to fundraise. Bake up some delicious treats and gather donations in return.

Give something up

A great one to tie in with Lent or New Year’s resolutions: get sponsored to give up wine, chocolate, coffee or whatever the thing is you can’t normally go without!

Pub quiz

Get some teams together for a fun evening to determine who’s the master of trivia, with entrants donating to take part. Try asking your local pub if they’ll host the event for free.

Dinner party

How about raising funds by hosting a themed evening of fine cuisine, a girls’ night in, or a Come Dine style event where each guest donates whatever they think their meal was worth?

For those with the time and the energy:

Create a recipe book

Ask your friends and family to submit their tastiest original recipes, compile them into a book, sell it and donate the profits.

Offer up your talents

Is there a particular hobby or craft you’re brilliant at that you could use as a money maker? We know one person who baked about 50 Christmas cakes as part of their fundraising effort…

Odd jobs

Do the hard work so other people don’t have to. Car washing, cleaning and litter picking are all the sorts of odd jobs you could do in return for a bit of sponsorship, and super easy for kids to get involved with too.

Make a donation

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