Raffles and lotteries

01 Jan 2015

There are two types of raffles (lotteries):

Incidental non-commercial lottery

This type of lottery takes place at non-commercial events (such as school fetes) where the money raised is not used for personal gain. Tickets must be sold on location ONLY and the draw must take place on the same day, during the event.

If these criteria are met, you do not need a licence for this event. However, visit the Gambling Commission website to ensure that your event qualifies, or email localfundraising@bloodwise.org.uk if you’re unsure.

Society lottery

This type of lottery DOES require a licence. We have a licence which allows fundraisers to operate under it; however, there is a specific set of criteria that needs to be met as part of the legal requirements set by the Gambling Commission.

To receive approval to operate under our licence and to receive the template required for tickets to be sold, please download and complete this form in as much detail as possible and email it to localfundraising@bloodwise.org.uk