Street collections

02 Jan 2015

The benefit is that the collections are incredibly easy and quick way to fundraise, but there are few rules that need to be adhered to:

1) All collections MUST be granted a permit from your local council prior to the collection. Most local councils have the application forms readily available online on the licensing section of their website, but you may need to contact their Licensing Department.

2) In most cases, you’ll need an authority letter from us to confirm that we’re aware that you’re collecting on behalf of the charity and then attach this to your application. You can call or email your local fundraising coordinator to ask for one of these.

3) In most cases, collectors must be aged 16 or over, sometimes even 18. Check your council’s terms and conditions when applying.

4) On the day collectors must adhere to the rules presented to them by the council and in addition:

  • MUST stand a good distance apart and remain stationary
  • MUST have the ‘Bloodwise’ sticker on the bucket visible at all times.
  • MUST NOT hand out anything by way of purchase through donation (stickers, however, are OK)
  • MUST NOT enter privately managed areas such as shopping centres, shops or train stations unless your permit states otherwise.

5) Along with the permit, the council should issue a returns form where you’ll be required to state how much each collector and bucket received, so it’s important that you keep the change in each bucket in the same bucket that it was put in.

6) The returns form must be completed and sent back to the council no more than 30 days after the collection, or as stated by the council.

7) You can then count and merge the change, take it to your nearest Barclays bank branch and pay it straight in using our bank details and the reference number provided to you by your local fundraising coordinator.

Don’t forget, we’re here to help! If you have any questions or concerns about street collections, you can find your local fundraising team’s contact details here.

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