How to pay in money

02 Jan 2015

Once the hard work of raising the money is done, getting it to us couldn’t be simpler.


If you’ve raised all of your money online, then rest easy – your money has come directly to us, including any Gift Aid that we can claim.


Give us a call on 0808 169 5155 to pay by debit or credit card over the phone. You can send your completed sponsorship forms to our address below so that we can claim any Gift Aid. Please just make sure to include your name and address so we know the form’s from you.


Please make cheques and CAF vouchers payable to ‘Bloodwise’ and send them to:


111 George Street



Please include any sponsorship forms, and a completed donation form or a brief cover letter so we can thank you for all your hard work.

Bank transfer

You can transfer the money directly from your bank account to ours. Just drop us an email for our bank details and a unique reference number.


Please don’t send any cash in the post. You can pay us the equivalent amount by card, cheque or bank transfer instead – or simply make an online donation.

Once we’ve received your donation we’ll be in touch to thank you. If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to email us or call 0808 169 5155.