Social media and email

04 Jan 2015
  • Sharing videos and photos is especially effective, and don’t forget to always include a link to your fundraising page.
  • Personal pictures and stories of you are always a good idea, but you might also like to share general posts about the charity and what your supporters’ money can help us achieve.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we regularly share inspiring stories about blood cancers and our research that you can share with your followers!
  • And don’t forget to use email too – research suggests that a direct email to your contacts is actually one of most successful ways to encourage donations.
  • Adding details of your fundraising to your email signature at work is another quick and easy way to reach a lot of people both inside and outside your business.

Sample tweets

Last year @bloodwise_uk opened 12 clinical trials for new cancer treatments. Don't leave new drugs on the shelf: <add a link to your donation page>

Every 14 minutes someone in the UK gets the devastating news that they have blood cancer. Make their lives better: <add a link to your donation page>

When @bloodwise_uk began in 1960, survival rate for childhood leukaemia was tiny. Now it’s 90%. We will reach 100% <add a link to your donation page>

There are 137 types of blood cancer. @bloodwise_uk are here to beat every single one: <add a link to your donation page>

Top tip: is a handy tool for shortening links to make them fit into a tweet!

Sample post for Facebook and Google+

Have you donated to help me beat blood cancer yet? Watch this video to hear from the amazing researchers who take your donation and use it to help understand and cure blood cancers:
Please donate here: <add a link to your donation page>