About giving in memory

Updated 21 Feb 2018

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By giving in memory, you remember and celebrate your loved one. You can either make a one off gift in their memory, or you can choose to set up a JustGiving Give in Memory page dedicated to them.

Make a one-off gift in memory >
Visit JustGiving to set up a Give in Memory page for your loved one > 

On your JustGiving page, you can:

  • You can share your memories of your loved one, and tell people why you’ve chosen to give in memory.
  • You’ll be able to keep a journal, writing posts to tell people visiting the page about your loved one, or to update people on how you’ve been raising money tribute.
  • There’s space to share treasured photographs and videos of you and your loved one and their family and friends.
  • People can write a message with their memories of your loved one when they donate, so that together you can build a shared memorial.
  • If you want to hold an event to collect donations, or you want to complete a sponsored challenge in memory of your loved one, the money you raise can be added to the page in memory of your loved one.

Once you’ve set up a page for your loved one, everyone can contribute to it however and whenever they wish. You’ll be able to see how much money you’ve raised on your giving page and find out how you’ll help support people affected by blood cancer.

If you have any questions about giving a one-off gift in memory or setting up a Give in Memory fundraising page, please contact Yvonne Dickson via email or telephone on 0131 524 1323.