Scrap your car for Bloodwise

01 Sep 2016

Did you know you can raise money for us by giving your old, unwanted car to a scheme called Giveacar?

Giveacar raises money for UK charities by scrapping and selling old cars. They provide a nationwide free service that includes the collection of the vehicle from your home and either recycling it at an authorised facility or sending it to auction. Scrap donations can raise about £100 for Bloodwise while auction cars can raise much more.

This scheme has already been a huge success for Bloodwise: we’ve received over £14,000 from Giveacar since they were established in 2010.

In three simple steps you can begin helping us to beat blood cancer and get rid of that unwanted car.

  1. Visit Giveacar online or by contacting their office on 0207 736 4242, remembering to select Bloodwise as your preferred charity.
  2. A tow truck usually arrives within 1 to 3 days to pick up your car.

Giveacar does the rest; donating all the proceeds, after administrative costs, to us for every car that you donate.

Head over to to get started >

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