Updated 14 Mar 2019

Each year, we invest a large part of the money we raise in research which aims to stop people dying from blood cancer, make their lives better, and stop people getting blood cancer in the first place.

Survival rates for people diagnosed with CML have been transformed with the development of TKIs. But TKIs currently don’t provide a cure, and some people struggle with the side effects of their treatment, become resistant to it, or find that their CML has come back.

Our research is looking at new ways to wipe out CML completely, offering the chance of a real cure. We also want to find ways to improve the quality of life of people with CML who are taking these drugs and reduce the possible side effects.

Find out more about Bloodwise’s CML research and clinical trials.

You can also search for details of national clinical trials by disease name and location at the UK Clinical Trials Gateway.

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