26 May 2017

Our Medical Advisory Panel is made up of expert clinicians from across the UK working in haemato-oncology

The aim of the panel is to support and advise us in our commitment to improving the quality of lives of people affected by blood cancer.

Our Medical Advisory Panel has a number of key roles, including:

  1. Advising us on clinical and scientific developments
  2. Providing advice and insight to support the development of policy and campaigning activities and formal positions
  3. Advising our services team on complex clinical queries that arise from service users via the phone, e mail, social media
  4. Providing input and insight to support the ongoing development of information resources and support services for patients, families and carers
  5. Providing understanding about the key issues faced by healthcare professionals and how we can support them to improve the standard of care for blood cancer patients.

Find out who makes up our Medical Advisory Panel:

Dr Samir Agrawal, St Bartholomew’s Hospital

Professor Jane Apperley, Hammersmith Hospital

Dr Kirit Ardeshna, University College London

Dr Adrian Bloor, Christie Hospital

Dr Stella Bowcock, King’s College London

Dr Andrew Chantry, University of Sheffield

Professor Richard Clark, University of Liverpool

Dr Graham Collins, Oxford University Hospital

Professor Mhairi Copland, Glasgow University Hospital

Professor Charles Craddock, University of Birmingham

Dr Dominic Culligham, University of Birmingham

Dr Stephen Daw, University College Hospital

Dr Claire Dearden, Royal Marsden Hospital

Professor Stephen Devereux, King’s College London

Dr Adele Fielding, University College London

Dr George Follows, Addenbrookes Hospital

Professor Anthony Green, University of Cambridge

Dr Claire Harrison, Guy’s Hospital

Dr Christian Hatton, John Radcliffe Hospital

Dr Rachel Hough, University College London

Professor Tim Illidge, University of Manchester

Dr Panos Kottaridis, Royal Free Hospital

Dr Robert Marcus, King’s College Hospital

Dr Dragona Milojkovic, Hammersmith Hospital

Dr Emma Morris, University College London

Professor Stephen O’Brien, Newcastle University Hospital

Professor Andrew Pettitt, University of Liverpool

Professor John Radford, Christie Hospital

Dr Kavita Raj, University College London

Dr Kathik Ramasamy, Churchill Hospital

Professor Simon Rule, Derriford Hospital

Professor Paresh Vyas, University of Oxford

Dr Andrew Wotherspoon, Royal Marsden Hospital

If you are a clinician in haemato-oncology and are interested in getting involved in our Medical Advisory Panel, or have any questions about this, please contact Reta Brownlow on

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