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Lizzy Rodgers

New folders for World Cancer Day

Lizzy Rodgers
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Lizzy Rodgers
03 Feb 2017

Our research has shown that more than nine in 10 people with blood cancer want information about their specific condition and potential treatments.  In response, we've created our patient folders. They can be filled with any of our free booklets, fact sheets and our patient diary.  You'll find our website and contact details printed inside - so you know where to find our information and support whenever you need it.  

The folders are free to anyone affected by blood cancer and we're  also calling on healthcare professionals to order them and give them out.  We hope this will make sure everyone affected by blood cancer gets access to the personalised information they need to help them through treatment and beyond.

Order now for free

  • Order online: You'll find the folders at the end of our online order form
  • Email us:
  • Call to order: 0808 2080 888

All of our information - including the folders -  is available free to healthcare professionals and anyone affected by blood cancer.

Making a personalised pack

You can use our folders to put together a personalised pack for yourself or others.  

You can order the folder together with our:

  • patient diary: an ideal place to note down thoughts, questions or concerns
  • support line card: a great reminder of the different support bloodwise can provide
  • information booklets:  detailed information about specific blood cancers.

You can order these using our online form.

You can also print our fact sheets yourself - we've just released new ones on:




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