Beating blood cancers since 1960
by Kjell Eldor 17th June 2015

Bloodwise website update

Hello from the digital corner!

We’ve been heads down hurtling towards the website launch in September (and delivering a few other products along the way). I’m here to break the silence and update you on the next 3 months and beyond for Bloodwise Digital:

What have you digital lot been up to?
We worked with Insight and the consultancy Veda to deliver new team campaign pages. This functionality was launched last month and has been put straight to use for the Bikeathons and Light The Night. Users can donate to teams, join teams and (if they fall out) leave teams. Here’s an example of a team page. And here is the very complex flowchart Rich made at the begining of the project and handed to us to build:

We made a lovely microsite for the Wickes Hop Up Kilimanjaro event, which enabled teams across the UK to totalise their steps as they hiked to change the world for blood cancer patients. It helped the Wickes guys to raise lots of money!

We created a chic new site for Light The Night.  The site showcases related events, totalises overall fundraising contributions and has a team leader board which encourages teams to compete. This is the first time we've had our own site for the event and not used Just Giving for online fundraising. 

We worked with the agency Manifesto to develop a site for TAP. Development is complete and the site is due to launch in August. The site allows TAP researches to upload and share trial recruitment data and is the first time TAP has had its own presence online. More on this in the coming months.

We’ve also been developing a new Bloodwise shop. This work is on going and will launch in September.

Okay (we get it) you’ve been busy, but how’s the new Bloodwise site coming along?
Some of you will have had to chance to see the excellent desings for the new site last Thursday. If not, then download this little package of visual delights to see for yourself. Development is well underway and we begin the process of adding content to the site next week. Over the coming weeks you may find us wandering around floors with a laptop asking passersby for feedback. 

We’re launching the website in two releases. Release one will complete in September and release two in early 2016. The first release sees us delivering all the functionality of the current site, with a shiny new look and navigation system. The second release includes additional features, moments of delight and lots of added value.

What date does the new website launch?
9am on Wednesday 2 September. Not long now!

What happens after that? 
We’ll use the whole of September to gather feedback from users, both internal and external. We’ll use this insight to create a list of tweaks and improvements that we will make during October. In November we start adding the remaining features in our development backlock. This work will end in early 2016, when we'll pick up on our plans for the year ahead. 

Feel free to ask any questions you have as a comment below! Or email