Laboratory work

Research will beat blood cancer

The Eastwood family knew it back in 1960, and so do we. That’s why we’ve invested over £500 million in world-class blood cancer research since 1960 – research which has changed the lives of blood cancer patients.

We fund the research that benefits patients most – we don’t just do research for research’s sake. But we still invest in curiosity. We'll fund that spark of an idea, because those sparks can lead to breakthroughs - real, tangible discoveries that’ll change the world.

At any one time we have over £90 million invested in research. We’re currently funding over 1,000 researchers and clinicians across over 220 active research projects, as well as countless more awards to train the research leaders of the future.

Our blood cancer research achievements

Where we’ve invested, survival rates and quality of life have improved. We’re proud to say that UK blood cancer research leads the world, thanks to the money we’ve been able to invest because of you.