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Research will beat blood cancer

The Eastwood family knew it back in 1960, and so do we. That’s why we’ve invested over £500 million in world-class blood cancer research since 1960 – research which has changed the lives of blood cancer patients.

At any one time we have over £90 million invested in research. We’re currently funding over 1,000 researchers and clinicians across over 220 active research projects, as well as countless more awards to train the research leaders of the future.

Our research by region

We invest in world-class blood cancer research all over the UK. Below you can find out more about some of the research going on in your region.

London and South East

Our research in London and the South East of England is revealing how blood cancer works, driving smarter and faster diagnosis, and inspiring new treatments and care. Last year we made 18 new awards to research going on in this region and we have Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP) centres in Oxford and at King’s College, Hammersmith and Bart’s hospitals.


Lots of exciting research is going on in the North, and two of our key ‘infrastructure’ projects are based in the region. Yorkshire is home to the Haematological Malignancy Research Network, which provides the most accurate and detailed data on all types of blood cancers in the world, broken down by key demographics and biological features. The Childhood Leukaemia CellBank is based in Stockport – it’s a central UK repository for samples of bone marrow and other tissues donated by children with leukaemia, for use in specialist research projects. Last but not least we have three TAP centres in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.


Some of our most exciting research is going on in Wales, particularly around chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. We have a TAP centre in Cardiff and last year awarded one new grant in the country.

Northern Ireland

Our research in Northern Ireland is revealing how acute myeloid leukaemias and related conditions develop, so we can design new treatments and better care. There's also a TAP centre in Belfast.