Recipes from our celebrity friends

Updated 21 Feb 2018

We asked some very special friends to share their favourite teatime treats and they certainly rose to the occasion!

Click on the recipes below and follow the simple steps to sweet success.


Diana Jupp's clementine cake >

Diana Jupp's clementine cake


Angela Baker's cheese scones >

Angela Baker's cheese scones


Lynda Logan's shortbread >

Lynda Logan's shortbread


Trisha Stewart's carrot cake >

Trisha Stewart's carrot cake


Ros Fawcett's tea loaf >

Ros Fawcett's tea loaf


Beryl Bamforth's meringue kisses >

Beryl Bamforth's meringue kisses


Chris Clancy: Auntie Agnes's boiled fruit cake >

 Auntie Agnes's boiled fruit cake


Linda Bassett's orange and almond cake >

Linda Bassett's orange and almond cake


Tim Firth: May Wilkinson's accidental gingerbread >

 May Wilkinson's accidental gingerbread