With your colleagues

01 Jan 2015

Ideas for fundraising events and activities you can organise at work or with workmates.

Super quick and easy:

Summer or Christmas party

A really easy one: add a fundraising element to your work’s summer or Christmas party. This could be through a raffle at the event, an optional ‘ticket donation’ or raising money to get your boss to do something silly!

Dress-down day

Get your colleagues to rock up in casual wear for the day in exchange for a donation – simple and fun. You can theme this one any way you like: Christmas jumpers or a particular colour of clothing!


A great way to fundraise at World Cup/Grand National/Bake Off time! Get a sweepstake going at work and split the pot between the winner and your fundraising total. Or if you’re doing a sports event yourself, ask colleagues to donate to guess your finish time.

Donation in lieu of Christmas cards

Instead of sending cards at Christmas, you could donate the money you’d have spent to Bloodwise instead, and drop colleagues and partners a message letting them know about your donation to spread the good word.

Sponsored job swap

This one might not work for every line of employment, but why not see if you and a colleague could swap jobs for the day and get sponsored for the challenge?

A bit more effort:

Bake sale

An old favourite that’s stood the test of time, and a super easy way to fundraise. Bake up some delicious treats and gather donations from your colleagues in return.

Swap sale

Unlock the fundraising potential of old unwanted clothes, books and goodies: bring them into work and hold a swap sale. You could ask people to make a donation to take part or per item sold, with the proceeds going towards beating blood cancer.


See if you can source some prizes for free and hold a raffle or auction in aid of Bloodwise. Work-related prizes could include an extra day of annual leave, or a reserved parking space for a month! There are just a few rules you’ll need to stick to.

Pub quiz

Get some teams together for a fun evening to determine who’s the master of trivia, with entrants making a donation to take part. Try asking your local pub if they’ll host the event for free.

Sports tournament

Gather your sporty colleagues and hold a sports tournament. Challenge your suppliers and partners to enter a team, with a donation to Bloodwise as the entry fee. Charge fines for own goals/double bogeys/last place in the egg and spoon race for added interest!

Pedometer/static bike challenge

Get a pedometer and aim for a target number of steps to complete in a day, or set up a static bike in your office and take it in turns to power the pedals to beat blood cancer. Definitely works best with a competitive element – split into teams or hold a battle of the bosses!

Our partners at Wickes set the bar high on this one: between them they cycled the equivalent distance of the Earth’s circumference, a staggering 24,000 miles in just four days! Our partners at Royal London, meanwhile, put in an amazing effort to walk ‘around the world’ in a pedometer challenge, with 750 staff across seven offices taking part over one month.

For those with the time and the energy:

Outdoor challenge

Or you could ditch the pedometer and get out into the wild. Team up with colleagues and take on a sponsored challenge of your choice – Three Peaks, Lands’ End to John O’Groats? A great way to get to know your colleagues better and raise money at the same time.

Staff fun day

Organise a fete-style fun day or afternoon – bouncy castle, tug of war, treasure hunt and the like – and invite staff and their families to join you to raise funds for Bloodwise.

Supplier dinner

Get together your suppliers and partner organisations and throw a fundraising dinner in aid of Bloodwise. You could include a raffle or auction and invite a guest speaker or comedian. We may also be able to offer a representative to come along and talk a bit about the importance of the work we do: contact your local fundraising team if we can help.