CyCLLe trial

Chief investigator - Professor Stephen Devereux, Kings College London
An investigation of the effect of cyclosporine-A in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: Development of a novel in-vivo strategy for dissecting the mechanism of drug action
Award start date: 01 Apr 2013
Recruitment start date: 29 Apr 2013
Award duration: 2 years

At the moment bone marrow transplantation is the only cure for CLL, but some people may not be able to undergo this treatment because they are too frail. Chemotherapy can be effective, but can have serious side effects especially in older people. Researchers are looking for treatments that will slow down the disease in its early stages and prevent progression and the need for such strong drugs.

The CyCLLe trial is looking at a drug called cyclosporin A. Cyclosporin A has been used for many years to reduce the activity of the immune system in people who have certain autoimmune diseases or who have received organ transplants. Researchers think that healthy cells in our immune system may help CLL to grow and so cyclosporin A could slow the rate at which leukaemia cells grow. If this is true, some people might be able to avoid harsher chemotherapy treatments.

The aims of the trial were to:

  • See if cyclosporin A changes the rate at which leukaemia cells grow
  • Find out if cyclosporin A helps people with early CLL
  • Learn more about the side effects

This trial is closed for recruitment, and we hope to update you with the results soon.