Finding new ways to target Hodgkin lymphoma

Lead researcher - Professor Paul Murray, University of Birmingham
Cancer type - Lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma
Aberrant lysophospholipid and DDR1 signalling as therapeutic targets in Hodgkin's lymphoma and diffuse large B cell lymphoma
Amount awarded: £1,015,771
Award start date: 01 Jan 2014
Award duration: 5 years (60 months)

New drugs are required for patients with B cell lymphoma, not only to improve outcomes for those who do not respond well to current conventional therapies or who are not fit to receive them, but also to reduce the long-term side-effects of treatment. We want to investigate how two naturally occurring small molecules called lipids can cause B cell lymphomas when they are over-produced. We will test if new drugs designed to inhibit the effects of these lipids are effective in animal models of these lymphomas. We will also determine if measuring the levels of these lipids in tissues and blood helps us identify those patients who might benefit from these new therapies.