Harnessing the immune system to attack leukaemia cells

Lead researcher - Professor Linda Wooldridge
Defining the antigen specificity of CD8+ T-cells in leukaemia
Amount awarded: £234,906
Award start date: 01 Jul 2014
Award duration: 4.5 years

Killer T cells are part of our immune system and their job is to protect us against infections. Sometimes a single killer T-cell can divide without control causing a type of T-cell leukaemia. We do not know how this event is triggered. We will use a new approach to identify the triggers responsible which will help us to prevent and/or treat these conditions. In other situations, killer T-cells can actually be very useful as they can kill leukaemic cells. Here, we will use this new approach to examine how we can harness the power of these potent killing cells in order to eliminate leukaemic cells from the body.