Personalising treatments for people with lymphoma

Lead researcher - Professor Peter Johnson, University of Southampton
Precision medicine for aggressive lymphoma
Amount awarded: £2,294,130
Award start date: 01 May 2015
Award duration: 3 years (36 months)

The diagnosis of lymphoma is in a new era, with different illnesses recognised not only by clinical features and appearance under the microscope, but also by specific abnormalities at the molecular level. Exploitation of this information gives an opportunity to improve outcomes for illnesses where many cures occur with systemic treatment, but where we have reached the limits of what is achievable with conventional chemotherapy.  This consortium has several linked goals: 1.To develop a UK-wide capability in molecular diagnostics for lymphoma, building upon successful clinical trials methodology already in use. The platform will be designed to work with normal diagnostic biopsy material for analysis of clinically relevant mutations and gene expression profiles. 2. To compare and validate the available methodologies for gene expression, mutational and copy number analysis in lymphoma, to extend these techniques to much smaller biopsy specimens and thereby broaden their applicability to routine care. 3. To extend our current clinical study into the testing of new targeted agents, using molecular characteristics to stratify therapy. 4. To give patients access to more novel lymphoma therapies in the UK by providing a broad molecular screen to identify in advance those who might be suitable for specific targeted agents.