Preventing bone damage and tackling myeloma relapse

Chief investigator - Dr Andrew Chantry, University of Sheffield
Cancer type - Myeloma
Novel targets and therapeutic combinations in myeloma
Amount awarded: £1,831,296
Award start date: 01 Jan 2013
Award duration: 6 yrs (72 months)

Two major problems with myeloma are firstly, the devastating bone destruction often seen and secondly, despite successful initial chemotherapy, myeloma comes back and ultimately causes death. It is not clear why we cannot prevent these two major problems. In these studies we will combine new approaches to myeloma bone disease adding drugs that build bone to drugs that prevent the removal of bone. We hope that this will have a substantial and additional bone protective effect and may lead, for the first time, to actual repair of existing bone destruction. Secondly, we believe that within the myeloma cell population, there is a hidden, resting population which is responsible for relapse. We are trying to detect this population and test new targets in the hope of eliminating this population. To achieve these objectives we will use new combinations of recently introduced chemotherapies and new bone targeted drugs.