Targeting the unique features of leukaemia

Lead researcher - Professor Bertie Gottgens, University of Cambridge
Transcriptional control of normal and leukaemic blood stem/progenitor cells
Amount awarded: £1,278,583
Award start date: 01 Mar 2013
Award duration: 6 years

One of the commonest causes of leukaemia is the mutation of a class of genes called transcription factors. Transcription factors control the activity of many other genes, and operate in networks. This proposal will utilise technologies made possible by the human genome project to investigate transcriptional networks in normal blood cells and acute myeloid leukaemia cells.  By performing large scale comparisons of normal and leukaemia cells, we anticipate that we will be able to identify features specific to leukaemia cells that may be exploited for the development of new therapies that specifically target leukaemia cells.