Our funding schemes

Updated 21 Nov 2017

Our schemes include funding for laboratory-based research projects, training and career development awards and clinical trials.

Research projects

Applications to the following schemes are considered by our Research Committee.

Project grants are awarded for up to £250,000 and up to three years for clearly defined research projects addressing key questions in the field of blood cancer. The remit of the project grant scheme includes research projects that maximise the value and outcome of a clinical trial and specifically includes applications that would previously have been considered through the Trial-Associated Research Project scheme. Please note that new applications for biobank funding will not be considered.

The deadline for project grant applications is 4:00pm on Thursday 15 February 2018. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. There is no limit on the number of applications we receive. You should allow enough time for submission of your application before the deadline to ensure all the required approvals are obtained.

All applications must be submitted via Grant Tracker.

We highly recommend that applicants read the Guidance for Applicants document for this round. Please note that some of the guidance has been expanded and/or altered.

Applications will be reviewed by independent experts in relevant fields and applicants will have the opportunity to respond to the peer review comments. The applications, reviews and rebuttals will be assessed by the Research Committee. Criteria used to assess applications include:

  • Relevance to blood cancer, and people living with and beyond blood cancer
  • Quality of the research design and methodology
  • Ability to deliver the proposed research
  • Impact of the proposed research outputs
  • Strength and make-up of the research team
  • Value for money


Project round launch: 20 November 2017

Application deadline: 15 February 2018

Applicant rebuttal of reviews: end of May 2018

Notification of outcome: July 2018

For enquiries about this round, please contact the research team at research@bloodwise.org.uk

We are planning on opening another project funding round in the summer of 2018 – June/July. The provisional deadline will be in September 2018 with notification of outcome likely in March 2019. We will be providing more information nearer the time.

Programme continuity grants

Current or recent holders of Bloodwise programme grants can apply for support to maintain core elements of their research programme, including but not limited to the retention of key research personnel. The purpose of this funding scheme is to allow successful applicants to maintain a strong blood cancer focus to their work, while maximising investment from other funders.

Funding will be available for up to £300,000 for up to 3 years. Potential applicants must discuss an application with the Bloodwise Research Funding Team before they can begin an application in grant tracker.

The next deadline for this funding scheme is 4:00pm on Thursday 15 February 2018. 

Read our guidelines for preparing a programme continuity grant application.

As with the current project grant round, notification of outcome will be in July 2018.


Training and career development awards

Training and career development award applications are considered by our Training and Career Development sub-Committee, which makes funding recommendations to our Research Committee.

Previous schemes included Gordon Piller PhD studentships, Bennett fellowships for post-doctoral researchers, Clinical Research Training fellowships for haematologists training for a PhD and Lectureships.

At present there are no open rounds for this committee. 


Clinical trials

Applications to the following schemes are considered by our Clinical Trials Committee

Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP) clinical trial applications

The application process for TAP trials includes an iterative process of assessment of fit and feasibility before an application can be submitted through our grant tracker system. Please contact the TAP HUB Management team in Birmingham and the Bloodwise research team if you wish to discuss an application.

Birmingham TAP Team

Research Team 

Non-TAP clinical trials

We are not currently accepting applications for clinical trials outside the TAP network.

Trial-associated research projects

This funding scheme provided support for laboratory-based research projects that are integral to clinical trials and essential for the analysis of primary and/or secondary end points and clinical outcome. We are no longer accepting applications to this scheme, but you may now apply for support for this type of project through our standard project grant scheme.