​Strap on your Fitbit, choose a step challenge, and make every pace power
the next strides forward in blood cancer research.
runner with fitbit pauses to check his heartrate.

Are you ready to give blood cancer the boot? Then it’s time to Step Up and take on the Bloodwise step challenge!

We’ve teamed up with the UKs number one connected giving app, GivePenny, to allow you to track every step you take automatically, directly from your FitBit.

Sign up to one of our Step Up! challenges today


Step it Up!

Challenge yourself to walk 38,000 steps in a week, one step for every person diagnosed with blood cancer in the UK this year.


A Step Beyond!

Push yourself even further and walk 230,000 steps in a month, one step for each person living with blood cancer in the UK.

Whether you’d like to get a little more active – or plan to pound the pavements every day – there’s no better motivation to get moving! Track your step stats and watch your sponsorship climb as every pace powers the next strides forward in blood cancer research.