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There are 137 different types of blood cancer

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Be Bloodwise

Do you want to be part of the movement that beats blood cancer? Then join our unique community of blood cancer patients, researchers, health professionals, opinion formers, staff, fundraisers, volunteers, celebrities, families and friends.
Be Bloodwise.

The problem

There are 137 different types of blood cancer, all with different names, symptoms and challenges. You’ll probably recognise two or three, but many might be unfamiliar and some don’t even sound like cancers. It makes blood cancer hard to understand and can leave patients feeling isolated. We’re facing a crisis in awareness: people simply don’t know enough about blood cancer.

We want to fix it

As the UK's biggest blood cancer charity we knew we had to do something. We want to show patients and their families that their cause has a champion and that – with continued investment in world-class research, thought leadership and patient support – we believe the writing is on the wall for all 137 blood cancers.

How we're doing it

We put our heads together with patients, health professionals and other experts and created a campaign that puts all 137 different blood cancers on the map for the first time – a campaign that says ‘blood cancer exists and we’re here to beat it’. We wanted to make our statement loudly and in public, so we turned to street art. We gathered paint and canvas and – after 2 days working dawn till dusk – we had our billboards: ready to launch across the UK as part of our 137 campaign, in blood cancer awareness month. Working hand in hand with our world-class research, patient services, collaborative approach and fundraising, our 137 campaign will help us beat blood cancer.

What can you do to help?

Join our movement.
Tell the people who represent you.
Tell the world.

Red, yellow, green, blue ... and Bloodwise

We’re here to champion the needs of blood cancer patients and tell people across the political spectrum what we need to do to beat blood cancer. Read more about our policy priorities – and then tell your MP why it’s so important that they’re Bloodwise too, whatever political party they belong to.