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  • The Eastwood family

    Read a selection of the original letters between the Eastwood family and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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    • The Leukaemia Research Fund is founded and the charity grows rapidly in its first decade, thanks in no small part to the hard work of ordinary families like the Eastwoods. Read more

    • The money the Eastwoods raise helps to open the first ever research unit dedicated to leukaemia, set up by Dr Gordon Piller at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Read more

    …and in 1969, man walks on the moon.

    • The efforts of supporters nationwide in raising funds and awareness enable the charity to grow even more quickly, with a move to new offices taking place. Read more

    • Scientists make some encouraging progress – with blood cancer research often leading the way for advances in treating other diseases too. Read more

    …and in 1978, the first ever ‘test-tube baby’ is born.

    • Some outstanding contributions help to raise the charity’s profile nationally, including the TV Times running team at the then-fledgling London Marathon. Read more

    • The survival rate for the most common childhood cancer reaches 7 in 10, and the scope of the charity’s research and support work expands further. Read more

    …and in 1981, IBM launch the first personal computer.

    • Our hardworking supporters continue raising money to beat blood cancer at a range of new events, including the hugely successful London Bikeathon. Read more

    • Advances in understanding the biology behind different blood cancers continue to point the way towards new treatments. Read more

    …and in 1996, Dolly the sheep, the first ever cloned animal, is born.

    • The charity becomes known as Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and we celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2010. Read more

    • An era of unprecedented progress in blood cancer research begins, with the approval of a drug that’s transformed the treatment of chronic myeloid leukaemia. Read more

    …and in 2007, the iPhone is launched.

    • We become Bloodwise and our supporters help launch the UK’s largest ever blood cancer awareness campaign. Read more

    • The financial year ends with a record annual investment of over £33 million in research – and we have a clear picture of what we need to do in order to save more lives. Read more

    …and scientists discover evidence of liquid water on Mars.

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We’re clear about what research we need to do next to save more lives. Your support will help us tackle blood cancer head on, and get us closer to the Eastwood family’s vision of a world without blood cancer.

Our people

Ken Lomas


From setting up the TV Times celebrity running team at the second ever London Marathon to receiving an MBE for his services to the charity, Ken has done a massive amount for us since the 1970s.

Vicky Forster


From blood cancer patient to leukaemia researcher, Vicky is beating blood cancer in more ways than one.

Sarah Weltman

Patient and Fundraiser

Sarah is currently doing really well on a new treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia – so well in fact that she’s been able to cycle hundreds of miles, raising money to help other patients too.

We know we can create a world without blood cancer. But we can't do it alone. The fundraisers, the researchers, the patients, the families, the friends, the carers, the doctors, the nurses, the opinion formers, the MPs. You’re all part of the Bloodwise movement that will beat blood cancer, and in this lifetime. Meet more of our Bloodwise heroes in our online community.

Shamyla Siddique

Trials Acceleration Programme

Getting new drugs to patients, faster. Shamyla works in the central hub of our Trials Acceleration Programme at the University of Birmingham.