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2 nd Blog as promised after my sailing trip to Poland.

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10 Aug 2015

I would like to share my Nutrition details which help me to carry out my sporting activities.

Hi all back again with my second Blog as promised. I have just returned from sailing in the OK dinghy World Championships in Puck, Poland. I have to say the sailing was very demanding and frustrating with mega windshifts and wind speed most days in excess of 25mph. 95 boats entered and I finished in the mid 40's in 6 out of the 9 races. I did not finish 1 race and did not start 2 further races. So all in all not too bad and not exactly brilliant because the 2 DNS had to count in my final results. But Hey Ho at least I was there taking part. I was the 4th oldest competitor. So I should be quite proud of that fact. ( I very much doubt any other competitor had CLL but as you have read in my first blog I do not accept this as a  handicap).   With regards to the trip Maureen and I had a fantastic time and the area of Puck is a great place to holiday. The food and drink are very cheap and most of the restaurants have some staff that spoke perfect English. It was a long way to drive towing my dinghy but we took 2 days each to get there and back staying in B and B in Holland and Germany.

What I really want to share with you is my nurtition regime which I believe helps me carry out my cycling and sailing activity whilst also having to cope with this CLL. Many years ago whilst watching the Tour De France I started to understand about nutrition.  I learned that the cyclist needed to eat and drink enough nutrition or take on enough calories equal to the energy used. It makes good sense when you think about it otherwise after 3 weeks of cycling they would be so thin and have nil energy levels. It is these energy levels we need to maintain that I concentrate on. So understanding I need to maintain my energy levels for long durations I have diffrent methods of maintaining this throughout my day.  The importance of nutrition was brought home to me on three occasions, when sailing at Weymouth after about 3 hours my eyes started to un-focus, my hands started shaking and then my legs went. I managed to sail back to shore but couldn't summon up any energy for the rest of the day. I thought it was just one of those days until it happened again when racing in Medemblik, Holland, I had to come off the water and rest. The third time was on my bike but not as severe.  After talking to my doctor he thought I wasn't eating enough so I did some research on the internet about sports nutrition and now I have no problems even when sometimes sailing lasts 6 or 7 hours in the day. Firstly the use of energy drinks powder provided by High5 products. For a 4 hour session I have 2x 750 ml drinks bottles full of this energy drink. Not only does this drink fuel you it also helps with hydration. I complement this drink with energy bars and energy gels. These are also provided by High 5 but these products are also available from other suppliers and sold in larger supermarkets. I find my 2 bottles, 2 energy bars and 4 gels give me enough for a full days full on activity. The night before a bike ride or sailing race I try to have a pasta meal. However to start my day I have a good breakfast of porridge and toast which is slow release carbohydrate, plus I also have my fully strength mug of coffee. (Not Caffeine free). I try to stay away from caffeine at other times as my doctor thinks it is not good for me. If my activity crosses over lunchtime I take a peanut butter sandwich and banana to make up for what I would normally have eaten. On completion of the day and within 30 miniutes of my days activity, and I think one of the most important parts of my nutrition, I take my recovery drink, Chocolate in flavour and 400 mls of cold milk, Very nice. This contains a small amount of whey protein and other nutrients which assist in muscle recovery and general all round good stuff. Sounds a lot but it is what I truthfully believe keeps me going and gives me, along with my general fitness, the energy to perform at the level reqiuired to sail and cycle at a high standard and for prolonged periods of time.

The rest of the time my wife makes sure I eat healthily and restrict my alcohol and caffeine intake. Fortunately she's a good cook and allows me puddings and cakes at weekends!!

So there you have it my little secret to maintaing my enegy levels. I will also add that at times in the week when not taking part in activity if I do feel a little tired now and then a 500 ml bottle of energy drink does give me a lift. 

Conclusion, yes it does seem a lot of hard work and effort but it works for me. Not only does it work it also gives me something else to think about instead of CLL taking over my life. You might not need the level of energy I do but do not underestimate the advantage of additional energy source, it might just give the lift you need.

Regards and best wishes Ken Carroll.




Thanks so much for sharing your nutritional tips Ken.

Nutrition is so important and one of our most frequently asked about areas. Your tips are really useful and will certainly be of interest to many. We're actually working on improving our offering on food and nutritional advice for parents at the moment and will let you know once it's published as it will be useful to have your input.

Fatigue and ways to combat fatigue is another area we field a lot of questions about and your nutritional tips along with the fact that you exercise tick many boxes in this respect too!

It's great to hear that you're doing so well - long may that continue to be the case! Congratulations, too, on your performances at the World Championships. I know you would have hoped to have finished a bit higher but there's always next year to go that bit better and imagine where you would have finished had you taken part in all the races?!


Cheers for the reply Andy. I have already booked next years Worlds Into my diary. Quiberon France looking forward to it. As for the nutrition any help I can offer will be given with enthusiasm. Regards Ken.

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