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2 weeks 2 days to go!

Moss J
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24 Jul 2015

Day -8 is drawing closer. Yesterday my Worcsester based consultant came to see me as she's off on hols for 2 weeks so won't see me pre transplant. It's amazing how well she knows me now. Within 5 minutes she realised how fed up I was and entirely guessed that it's because I'm sat here feeling perfectly well, having no treatment and doing nothing other than waiting (yet again) for blinking neutrophils to appear! "Yep" said I, "that about hits the nail on the head!" So as of tomorrow she's pulled rank and I'll be allowed day release every day like last time. Hopefully counts will appear next week  and I'll get discharged in time to have a full week at home pre transplant. 

Feeling much chirpier, especially as my 'to do' list pre transplant is 2 sides of A4! X



Exciting times and scary times ahead Josephine. The transplant is tough (not helped in my case by having 3 infections whilst in solitary) but as you come out of the other side you will start to enjoy life again. I hope you soon get day release and get to spend time with the family before the transplant. Are you having transplant in QE? I had mine down the road at Heartlands. Looking forward to reading your post-transplant blog. Good Luck xx


Hi Louise, you've hit the nail on the head- exciting and scary! I'm allowed home for the day times as of tomorrow but hopefully counts will recover at the end of next week to get discharged for a week before transplant (fingers crossed!) yes I'm in the QE, they have been fantastic and really put me at ease even though they have to tell you the scary stuff too! X


I'd like to second Louise, Josie. Potentially scary but exciting times ahead. However you've got a great family behind you and we're all here to support you in any way that we can too.

It's great that you've developed a good understanding with your consultant and I really hope that you manage to get out before the transplant for a while to see your family as I know just how important they are to you. 

I'm sure you're already well prepared ahead of the transplant but these tips by other patients might come in handy on some practical ways on how to cope with what lies ahead:

Keep us updated and remember that you're not alone.

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