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2 weeks to go!

Jack Lines
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31 Mar 2015

There are now only two weeks to go until your marathon!

Hi all,

Hopefully that notion (above) fills you with excitement rather than fear! To be completely honest, I’m not sure where it leaves me…?!

Having signed up for my first marathon just over 10 weeks ago, as the big day gets closer the size of the task has really started to hit home!  However, as many who have plodded before me have said, ‘now is not the time for panic!’, instead it’s the time to have confidence in the work you’ve already done, and make sure you don’t try to overcompensate for the odd run missed here or there thanks to blisters, the weather, or Eastenders!

Overtraining in these last couple of weeks can actually have a negative effect, and leave your body tired  for the big day. So make sure to get your required rest days and give your body the break it no doubt needs. You’ve (hopefully!) done all the hard work, now it’s just a case of looking after yourself and trying to enjoy the experience as much as you can (not sure enjoy is the right word — but I couldn’t think of a better one!).

So far you’ve done an amazing job with your fundraising. Remember, we receive no government funding, and rely solely on your donations to support the life-saving work we do!. Events like these are crucial in helping us to raise as much as we can,  so no matter how small your donation or support, you are doing your part to beat blood cancer.

Many of our runners carry on fundraising after their event has taken place. That way they can tell their friends and family exactly what they had to go through to earn their donations. Whichever way you decide to do it, please remember how much we appreciate your support.

That’s it from me. I just wanted to wish everyone a final, massive good luck! You’re all amazing —  see you at the finish line!