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2014 Birmingham Bikeathon

Paul T
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03 May 2014

Hi everyone i am just in the process of signing up for the 2014 Birmingham Bikeathon. I have set up my fundraising page and today have been carrying out maintenance work on my bike. Next week I will be starting my training I will only be doing the 26 mile this year but if it raises money then that is fine, i am looking forward to training and to seeing donations coming in.

I will be blogging about the training, and I hope to lose weight and become fitter strong and healthier me, spk soon .... :-) 



Hi Paul,

Absolutely fantastic to have you on board for this year's Birmingham Bikeathon - welcome to the team! It's fantastic to hear that you're doing so well and are able to take part - don't play down 26 miles either. After everything you've been through that's not to be underestimated. 

Good luck with the training and all your fundraising efforts - I look forward to hearing more about how it's all going in your next blog!


Hi, my fundraising page says 0.... People have been donating but through justgiving I set the justgiving page before this page come up, so this one for me is not used all this is new to me and its confusing enough having one page to give to, but at least I am raising a little no matter what page it ends up on at the end of the day LLR will benifit from the money I manage to raise what ever the ammount. 


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