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2015 and back in the saddle

Daren W
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03 Apr 2015

Gearing up again

Well it's been a while since we blogged so thought it's about time to give you an update.

We've had an eventful winter season with lots of plans. Sadly, our spearhead Lee suffered an injury to his other knee that will mean he won't be riding with us this year and Dave Hatch has signed up for the Triathlon as one sport wasn't enough of a challenge for him so that has led to some changes in plans (more to come on that at a later date). Needless to say the planned 555 won't be happening this year but is not forgotten by any means.

Unstoppable Trevor J has already begun his campaign and completed his first sportive, returning suitably muddied and cold after climbing lots of feet in a short space of time, he's aiming for some serious miles this year!!

Keiran, Jamie, James M and Michael have been out and about building up the miles again while myself and James Burns & Paul have been seeing out a very successful hockey season that has resulted in promotions for all 3 of our teams.

Sign ups have begun for events and as a team we're heading to Pedal for the Js in Chelmsford in early May as well as returning to our beloved London BIkeathon in August amongst other things.

We'll keep you posted on other developments as and when we have news. Until then, all the best and lets all keep pushing to finally beat blood cancers.