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26 miles done...

Scott W
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11 May 2015

another 26 to go!

If I've not bored you with the story already, Saturday saw me complete a marathon sized 26 miles in training. Getting up at 6.30 to be on the road on a sleepy Saturday morning was amazing and being able to do a fairly reasonable distance topped it off a treat!

This weekend also saw the beginnings of what I am frightened will develop into an all encompassing hobby. This weekend, I became……The Bike Cleaning Fanatic. Call me sad (I know full well that you want to and indeed, probably already have!!), but nothing beats the look of clean, shiny metal. And yes despite popular opinion, I had plenty of toys as a child!

As always, a big thank you goes out to all those who have donated. Your generosity will be appreciated by people you will probably never meet, but they'll be thankful - I know we all definitely were!

If you've yet to donate, the link can be found here. Go on, get your hands in your pockets!

Speak to you all soon!