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29th April - The ride home from work

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09 May 2014

If you've been following this I mentioned that I cycle home from work a few nights a week, these two rides are now forming part of my weekly training schedule. Tuesday was the first of these and for the first time ever I decided to track my ride with an app called Strava.

My route home is just under 10 miles from Solihull to Birmingham and comes up Streetsbrook Road which, for those of you who know, is a bit of a drag up to the Robin Hood roundabout. After the drag of Streetsbrook Road the road follows a fairly flat rout through Hall Green before dropping down to Sarehole Mill.

Wake Green Road comes next and starts with a climb up to what I'll call the Moseley Plateau. It's a bit of a drag, especially with 2 loaded panniers and a back pack but once the first climb is done the road levels off except it doesn't. Wake Green Road is one of these annoying roads that you can't stop pedalling on as it's ever so slightly uphill all the way. As I go past the school my legs are burning but help comes soon enough in the form of a brief bit of free wheeling before making the final climb into Moseley Village.

The highlight of the route home (apart reaching my front door) is Salisbury  Road - a 30mph blast downhill (I topped out at 31.1mph). After the 30mph thrill of Salisbury Road the misery of Sir Harry's Road begins - one long relentless slog that climbs out of the Rae Valley into Edgbaston past some of the biggest houses you ever did see. I can't get over the size of some of them and can't help but wonder what one would do with all that space and how much "stuff" the people that live there must have. The mind boggles.

Home is within reach by now and it's only a short hop round the corner and over the Hagley road before I reach home but there's no backing off here; it's time to put the hammer down for the last few hundred metres before collapsing over the handlebars, outside the front door!!

Tonight's ride was done in 47 minutes, 7 minutes faster than usual - I'm fairly chuffed with this.



Hi Ed, thanks for the update - riding to and from work is a great way to fit in the training, especially if you're busy. Keep up the good work and thanks so much for everything you're doing to help us beat blood cancer - all the hard work you're putting in really will make a huge difference to the lives of blood cancer patients.

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