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4 guys, 1000 miles, 12 days, 0 idea

Andrew J
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02 May 2014

It's difficult to know where to begin.

Sometime last year we decided that cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats would be a fun way to spend summer 2014.

We were excited. Really excited. The plan was not only fun and challenging, but it had the added bonus of sounding pretty impressive. Or so we thought...

Reading the inspirational stories of other Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research fundraisers, the variety of the challenges and the strength and commitment of those involved, it became clear we're not in the same league when it comes to impressiveness. But no matter. It will still be challenging and may even be fun!

So, who are we?

We're four mates who keep fit by doing bits and bobs of sporting activity … but nothing like this! We eat too much, are far too easily swayed by the offer of “a quick pint” after work, and our power to weight ratio (key for cycling, we've been told) is not ideal. To add a further complication we are currently separated by a large ocean as three of us live in London and one in New York.

The trip itself will take 13 days - 12 of them cycling and a rest day in the middle - starting from Land's End on Saturday 23rd August. We'll pass through Cornwall, Devon, Wales, the Yorkshire Dales and up into Scotland arriving (hopefully) just under 1000 miles later at the northernmost point of mainland Britain.

With just over 100 days to go before we start training (on two continents) is going well and we have learnt a few key things so far:

1. The peloton effect is no myth. You can happily cruise along at the back with little effort as the guys in front do all the hard work. We hear Dani King is LLR's cycling ambassador, so if she'd like to act as domestique for a day or two (or perhaps get the rest of Team GB to create a larger peloton) you won't hear us complaining!

2. Technology seems to cause as many problems as it solves. It's probably best not to bore you with specifics but our navigation and video devices both seem to have moments when they ... well let’s be kind and say “act up”. We’re pretty sure these moments aren’t all down to user error!

3. A pint of beer is an excellent motivator. Just the thought of this has often dragged us through the painful last 5 miles of a training ride.

While this didn’t start as a charity venture we thought it was a great opportunity to raise a lot of money. We have all been very lucky never to have been diagnosed with cancer but sadly have friends or family who have had that awful experience, specifically with either leukaemia or lymphoma.

It's for that reason we chose Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. It's for those people we are riding.

If you'd like to keep track of how we're doing then follow us on Twitter @lejogs or visit our website where you can see the route and read about our training. The website also has a link to our sponsorship page in case you have any loose change you can spare for this fantastic charity.

So that's us, and that's it.

We're so proud to be part of this team of amazing people raising money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. We know it'll be an fantastic experience and hope that by early evening on Thursday 4th September, with a whisky in our hands and the whole of mainland Britain behind us, we will have done enough to feel deserving of being members of "the Unstoppables".

Rich, Chris, Henry and Jacko


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Ellie Dawes

Amazing guys, best of luck! Keep blogging and let us know how you're getting on.


Andrew, first things first thank you so much for choosing to fundraise for the charity! It's thanks to people like you that I'm still here today and all your hardwork will make a huge difference to the lives of blood cancer patients.

Good luck with all the training - cycling that kind of distance is no easy feat - and you're an inspiration to me to get off my backside and in the saddle ahead of my considerably smaller challenge of completing the London Bikeathon. Keep us updated on the training front and all the best - together we will beat blood cancer.

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