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40 miles almost

Gus T
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17 Aug 2014

Atempted to do a 40mile ride with my borther

on staurday afternoon 16/08/14  the challenge was set and the route was plotted, not knowing how bad the extended part was going to be me and my brother saddled up and hit the open roads knowing that we had a long few hours ahead of our selfs.

After the first part of the ride which we knew like the back of our hands and knew where all the hills were, this time we had choosen to extend the route and not take any canals and boy it was the hardest toughest route we had ever done, after 25miles we were ready to find an easy way home but by this point the only way home was the route we were on so there was no turning back and no easy way back, hill after hill after hill we kept on going and managed to get 39.22 miles under our belt.

hoping this was a good start towards the 52 mile ride we have to endure we certainly had one of our toughest routes to date and still have another few weeks to go before we do our 52mile ride 



Good to see at least one of you is doing a Blog, all helps,
"Keep Peddling"...........