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18 Jun 2014

"We don't sell sofas"

So, I have a bike for the Bikeathon 2014. It's a gents mountain bike with 33 gears (I think), an horrifically small saddle, and a crossbar. I have no idea what I'll do with 33 gears. Somehow, I can't imagine using all of them on a Sunday morning jaunt along London's roads.

The crossbar is giving me pause for thought, as my last bike (which rotted away over 10 years ago) had a "mixte" frame which meant I could step into it, rather than swing my leg over. I don't think I'll have a problem getting on, but the only way I can see of getting off after 26 miles will be to fall over. Or hire a crane.

Discretion being the better part of valour, I threw the bike in the car and took it in for a service today, and while it was being booked in, I took the opportunity to look at the selection of saddles on sale. Most of them wouldn't look out of place in a torture chamber. "Do you have one that's about that big by that big with a cushion this deep?" I asked. Which elicited the reply "we don't sell sofas". Shame.

Training is going reasonably well; last week I managed 31.4km on the gym bike - or three-quarters of the 26 miles. Time constraints mean I'm not going to match that this week, but I'll try to build up the resistance. I tried 10 minutes at a higher gradient, lasted 3 minutes, then pulled a muscle. Perhaps I should work up to that one.

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