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03 Jun 2014

I've been bitten by a parrot.

And what, you may well ask, has my being bitten by a parrot got to do with London Bikeathon 2014? Be patient, dear Reader, and all will be explained.

As you will have learnt by now, this amateur Calendar Girl has entered the Bikeathon without actually being in possession of a bicycle. Having put out a call on facebook, the most likely candidate was an ancient boneshaker owned by my good friend, H. The bike was at her parents' house, but H got her father to bring it down to her shop for me to pick up from there. And what sort of shop does she have? You've guessed it: a pet shop. One which looks after various animals while their owners go on holiday.

So, while chatting to the shop assistant, J, about LLR, Calendar Girls, and various other topics, I stood there stroking Pauley the parrot, currently enjoying a holiday in Carshalton. "Mind he doesn't bite you," said J. "Oh, don't worry, I'm used to it," I replied. And sure enough, after approximately 4 minutes of being stroked, Pauley decided that my finger would be of far greater use in his mouth. Clamped firmly in his beak...

My husband was quite unsympathetic when I returned home. "It's your own fault, you know parrots bite you," he exclaimed. Indeed I do, having been previously bitten by another parrot. And a giant tortoise, a horse, various dogs and cats, and a billion 6-legged creatures.

But I do now have a bike. Of sorts. In the blurb for the Bikeathon, It says in previous years people have ridden all sorts of bike, even Bromptons (the little folding ones). Well, I have a "mature" Raleigh Triumph folding bike with 18" wheels. Not sure it's ideal for a 26 mile jaunt. May have to keep looking. Although, in its favour, it does have a BIG, SPONGY saddle.

If you're moved by my commitment to braving angry parrots to beat blood cancer, please donate on my page.


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