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Andrew Jameson - Great North Run for Leading Light Campaign

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12 Sep 2012

Hi Everyone!

I'm Andrew and I'm running the Great North Run as part of the Leading Light campaign for a number of reasons.

The motto for the Olympics was 'Inspire a generation.'  He maybe won't like me saying this but Dom Goggins has done this and inspired me to help. I went to school with Dom and we shared the journey home everyday - the loss of Steven Blears shook the whole school and touched us all. Despite me not really knowing him personally I knew who he was and the good that he did for everyone around. There are so many good causes that everyone donates a lot of time and money to but through this personal link I have chosen to run as part of the Leading light campaign.

This campaign wants to bring loads of people together to raise money to fight blood cancer, and I'm siging up!  Please help by DONATING and SIGNING UP to become part of it too.

15 months ago I received the greatest gift in the world in the shape of my son Jack!! He has given me a whole new perspective and appreciation of life. We enjoy every moment that we have and I understand that this is something many people sadly do not get to experience.

For those that don't know me I am a primary school teacher in Salford. I have never been the fittest of people and have never undertaken anything like this before. I have been called 'pot belly' and complimented for having a poor diet and a love of alcohol. I hope this gives some perspective of how physically challenging this will be. However I am determined to complete this challenge and this will be the springboard to other challenges in the future!

Please donate to a great cause and campaign!




Andrew, you are a leading light already but great news that you are joining the campaign.  Good luck in the Great North Run!  I will be sponsoring you, praying for you and cheering you on from my couch with my feet up.  Will you be taking Jack in the push chair? Well done boy. x



I concur Wyn! Good Luck Andrew. I sent the donation but it wouldn't let me write a comment..think it just says something rude like 'this is my donation'. But never mind, dont overdo it AJ x

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