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Another Memorable Year

Danny Redhead
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28 Dec 2014

A year of triumph - exceeding targets and exceeding expectations

2014 has yet again been another very memorable year for our organisation. We started the year by identifying our key target of achieving the £50,000 milestone which we wanted to achieve by September before many members of our team embarked on their university journeys. This lead to the formation of our Big £50K Campaign encouraging the community to get behind our desire to hit £50,000 by fundraising with the number fifty and the support shown by the community was truly remarkable.

On 24th March we housed 50 collection tubs in businesses for 50 days raising £511.73, and the support didn't stop there with supermarket collections, Winterton Infants and Burton Primary Schools, Winterton Brownies and many more doing their bit too, the community really rallied together to hit the magical milestone - even friends Chris and Garry took the sky completing a skydive to raise another thousand pounds!

With Easter upon us the campaign really flew into full swing seeing our annual Little Talent Contest return for the fourth year at Winterton Community Academy, the hugely talented pupils of Winterton Junior School and Burton Primary School helped to push us another £800 on the way. Just days later Full On and Luke West took to the stage at the new Winterton Community Pavilion for a night of great music raising another £450.

The summer had arrived and after our most successful Winterton Show weekend to date raising just shy of £700 the much await Bungee Jump event was upon us. I had mixed emotions, I knew the event would be the make or break of hitting the milestone, but I was petrified to jump off the 175ft crane. It is certainly an experience I will never forget, and I'm pleased to have done it. We raised over £3,000 leading us on to our Sponsored Walk.

You couldn't have picked a worse day to go on a 10 mile walk. The rain was horrendous and the wind was wild but we didn't let it stop us. About 30 selfless individuals battled through the weather, showing determination and perseverance like you've never seen before. The walk raised over £2,500 and saw us hit the £50,000 milestone on 10th August - a month before our target in the most fitting style.

Having reached the milestone we held our £50K Celebration Evening at Winterton Rangers to thank the community for their support. We heard from Emma Jane Jones the Regional Manager for the Midlands and Chris Bunce the Director of Research. As well as this I surprised a few individuals that have gone the extra mile with awards, both members of our team and supporters from the wider community.

The highs for the year didn't end with hitting £50K with our successful Fashion Show, Boogie Nights partnership and Christmas Light Switch On the year continued to be a success. Meeting HRH Prince of Wales and receiving awards our success has continued to blossom.

In October we saw the birth of our new Local Youth Development Program encouraging more young people to actively volunteer in their community through opportunities our organisation can provide. The program has seen lots of support and has been funded by multiple local organisations.

2014 has been a very memorable year, in which we have exceeded all targets and expectations. We set out to raise £15,000 throughout the year to continue our year on year growth which we have smashed raising over £19,600! We wanted to hit the £50,000 milestone by September which we achieved in August ending the year by hitting £60,000 - something we never envisaged achieving! None of this would be possible without the commitment of our exceptional team, and our hugely supportive community and the organisations embedded within it. To everyone that has supported us throughout the year I cannot begin to thank you enough. I very much look forward to watching our journey continue to unfold in 2015 and hope you can be a part of it.



Thank you to everyone who has supported Winteron & District Branch to raise an amazing £60K!

We really do appreciate your dedication and hard work.



What a brilliant year Danny and so many events.  It was so lovely and a pleasure to meet everyone this year - so many members of the community involved in helping to reach that amazing target. Here is to a successful and enjoyable 2015.



Thank you both for your lovely comments. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead in 2015.



Even though I know about all the things that you've achieved over the course of 2014, I still can't believe you managed to accomplish all of that in a year. It really is incredible!

I'm sure that you've got big plans for 2015, too, and look forward to hearing how you're getting on. If there's anything that we can do to help you please don't hesitate to get in touch. Otherwise keep up the good work!


Thank you Andy it was a great year for us we really have set the bar high for 2015! I look forward to our exciting journey continuing in the months ahead. 


As do we Danny - keep up the good work!