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Another Training ride (On ya Bike Llr's Andy Jackson)

rich Castle
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09 Apr 2014

Hi guys.

I did another training ride today in preperation for the 52 mile London Bikeathon this August.  I increased the distance from my last ride to 26 and a bit miles, taking in a few more gradients. Legs now a little sore, but all in all it was a lovely ride on this nice, sunny day. 

At this rate, I'll be at the beer tent, nicely tiddly before Mr Jackson even reaches the half way point!

Next ride hopefully this friday.

Link to ride details.




Ellie Dawes

Ha ha! Andy's gone on holiday to South Africa, Rich, and I don't reckon he has a bike out there. So now is your chance to get 2 weeks ahead of him on training!

He did climb table mountain this week though, I believe - does that count as bikeathon training?


South Africa!! Well he certainly does things in style. As for counting as part of his Bikeathon training, I'd say that he has reached the peak of his training lol.

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