Arianna S
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Arianna S
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13 Jan 2014

My grandmother was a woman that had never been sick a day in her life. When I got off the plane from a summer getaway and heard the news, it had all occurred very suddenly. My grandmother was told she had leukaemia on her 50th wedding anniversary.

Over the last 5 months i've watched my family go through ups however mostly downs. Following her diagnosis the doctors had given my mother and her sisters two options concerning my grandmother. One option was to keep her going using blood transfusions and her second option was to be apart of an experimental study. When my mother and my aunts explained to my grandmother what the doctor had told them she said "ok let's do the study".

Throughout this "journey" my grandmother was hospitalised many times. Her immune system was very low which made her very weak also. This didn't help her condition because in order to fight this disease at the age of 72 she had to be strong. These five months consisted of frequent visits to the hospital because she was always catching bugs. Finally her last visit took place at the beginning of this year when we were told that the study wasn't working.

The doctors didn't plan on stopping there. They wanted to start chemotherapy, however my grandmother wasn't nearly strong enough to go through with such rigorous treatment. Hearing what the doctor had said about the chemo my grandmother was still set on fighting. She wanted to fight and she did up until the final second.

On December 24th 2013 my grandmother passed away from a bug she caught while fighting her battle against acute myeloid leukaemia. This experience has taught me, a 16 year old in mid adolescence, that this is life. My grandmother was a very strong and tough woman that continued to fight knowing her chances of survival. I believe that the most important thing while living through something like my family has experienced is the importance of a united family. I know that my grandmother fought until the very last second because of her family and I believe that, that's the only thing that matters.

Nothing can put into words the effects of losing someone battling such a scary disease how I can say that things do get better. Day by day you go about your life remembering because the best way to cope is to properly remember.

As an adolescent you have a tendency to be stuck in your own bubble. There are many things I wished i could have said and there are also many things I wish I could have done. However she wouldn't have wanted me to think that way, she would have wanted me to go on with my life and live it to its full potential.

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