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Back in the Saddle

Mark  F
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30 Apr 2014

After almost a year out of action I'm looking forward to get back on it!! I've ridden this before and make no mistake The Box Hill section is in my mind one of the easier sections on the course. The gruelling Surrey Hills are where the legs really start to feel it. They are relentless one after another after another after aanootthheerrr !!!



Good luck with the training Mark - the 100 miler is tough but you'll have an enormous sense of achievement afterwards! Our training plan should point you in the right direction:


Only 10 days left before the big ride in my excitement I forgot to factor in the milage of getting to and from Ham House so in Total my round trip is more like 140 miles. I would like to dedicate this ride to the late Helen Foster a relentless advocate for others, compasssion personified; my Mother.

Thank you to all our friends and Family whohave supported us over the last months please help once again by donating to this cause. Peter Foster lost his life to Cancer in 2007 he was a quiet, strong, humble  Man my hero xxxx

I have been managing to clock upbetween 80 and 100 miles in the saddle for the past month which  i'm hoping should be enough to keep the old pins pedding for the 7 or so hours that it should take.

Namaste XXXX


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