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Back on track

Sandy M
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13 Feb 2015

Flu is fading, bike box arrived along with entry to the Prudential Ride London - Surrey 100

It has been a rather uneventful couple of weeks, freezing roads, snow covered fields, grey skies and everyone suffering from flu.   But in the background there has always been the big event of the summer to look forward to keep dreaming of.
Then all of sudden as if to focus my mind, the bike box I ordered turned up, looking all nice and new, so the fun and games of trying to fit in a bike commenced, it looked simple in the you tube demo, but after a few cracks at the thing, I managed to get the hang of it, so now I am air mobile.  As if to confirm the purchase of the bike box was a good thing, I got the confirmation that my entry to the Prudential London-Surrey 100 was successful.  This is good news as it allows me to have a dry run at getting over to London, before the big ride to Paris and a chance to let the airlines make the bike box look a bit less new!
So with the bout of flu finally fading away, I am keen to get on the bike and start to address the winter weight gain.  I know that with a couple of rides under my belt, I will be able to start thinking about fund raising initiatives.  Just hoping that the snow will melt away over the weekend and then it is just a case of cycling into the spring.



Hi Sandy,

Great news on the Ride London entry (easier said than done!) This will be a great training ride for you and is a fantastic day out on closed roads. With the weather threatening to improve, your flu on the wane and your new bike the training really can now begin in earnest. 

How's the fundraising going?