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Baking brings love to CMS on Valentine's Day

Francis T
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15 Feb 2013

Team for a cure (with a little help from our friends) baked glittery, pink, romantic and tasty cakes, biscuits and buns for the office on Valentine's Day.

Encouraging emails were sent pleading people to get wrapped up in the romantic fervour, abandon calorie counting and to be a hero and take one home (in a pink bag provided for just this scenario). 

All we asked in return for these sweet treats was a small donation to our collection for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.  Clearly the cakes were a hit as we raised a heart warming £846.30 in cash and online donations.

This is a roaring start to our fundraising and means we have taken that first step towards our goal of £10,000 and now just need to keep up the momentum!


Catriona Taylor

Well done on the total raised, the cakes look delicious! Best wishes for the fantastic £10,000 goal.

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