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The Beginning

Rachel C
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17 Jul 2014

On Your Marks...

Okay. Blog #1. This is it. This is the start of my journey. Am I excited? HECK YES! :D

I decided to take part in the London Bikeathon after looking for something to do over the summer. It all began with a google search of something along the lines of 'races in london'. After scrolling through a couple of pages, I came across this event- and I'm rather glad I did. 

I've also somehow managed to drag my friend into cycling with me. :) The More the merrier. And despite never having cycled aything larger than say... 5 miles at one go, I'm looking at this super positively.

So... I've pretty much got a month and a bit to start training ( I know i'm a bit late) but this will be exciting. I'm looking foward to being able to say that I've cycled 26 Miles in one go (more than i've ever done in my entire life combined) and to be able to say it was in the name of charity. :)

I'd better get started :)



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