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The big day is closing in-Bikeathon in 3 days

rich Castle
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28 Aug 2014

Some training and an epic fundraising night

Hi all.

Since the last post, I've clocked up another 60 miles in training. It's not a lot in the space of 12 days, but I've been really busy doing other stuff and so not much time to get on the bike, but I feel 'match ready' for the 52 miles I'll be taking on this Sunday.

I have also boosted my Bikeathon fundraising page now to £436-00 because of a donation from my fundraiser at Selhurst Railway Club on Friday 22nd which bought in another £321-00. Special thanks to all at the club who made this possible and also to LLR's unstoppable Andy Jackson who attended the event and gave his usual unstinting support.

The bike goes up on the mechanics stand tomorrow for it's epic pre Bikeathon service checks.

I just cant wait till sunday to take part in this epic fundraising event. My legs may be tired after it, but this pales into insignificance when you think of the money raised going to fund research to help beat blood cancer.

The weather looks good for Sunday too.